Thursday 9 July 2020

THE SAFEST LIES by Megan Miranda

The Safest Lies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was in a bit of a thriller mood, and this book certainly fit the bill. I read the first chapter to get a feel, but ended up reading the first eight chapters in one sitting. 😬

Kelsey's a good student. She also lives a very quiet and private life with her mother behind the tall gates, cameras and tight security in their home.

The night she has a serious car accident that almost kills her, the privacy her mother's concealed them behind is destroyed. Paving the way for a huge threat from her mother's past...

Ooooooooh. I loved this very intense book.

The concept of this story is so intriguing. A teenage girl is trying to live a normal life while her mother insists on top-notch security and minimal interaction with the outside world to keep then safe. But when she becomes the focus of the media because of an accident and the guy who helped save her, she finally understands her mother's desperate need to stay under the radar.

I really liked Kelsey, who happens to be very clever, loyal and brave. I also thought Ryan was a great character. These two were so cute together. Their awkward interactions were as fun to read as their easygoing conversations, as well as the dangerous situations they share.

The way this story unravels is perfect. The pace and tone, the mysterious outcomes--it all comes together seamlessly. And the twists and turns are awesome. But my favourite thing was how the paranoia of being watched leapt off the pages. I felt the shadows closing in as much as Kelsey.

I seriously couldn't put this down because I really wanted to find out what the mystery at the heart of the story was. And it didn't disappoint.

This is one twisty thriller with great characters, lots of danger lurking behind every shadow, and a house that's more like a cage. It's also a great allegory for what happens when someone fabricates a tapestry of lies to try to outrun their violent past. And how this always ends up hurting the one you're trying to protect the most.

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