Saturday 6 June 2020

LOCKDOWN by Peter May

London, the epicenter of a global pandemic, is a city in lockdown. Violence and civil disorder simmer. Martial law has been imposed. No-one is safe from the deadly virus that has already claimed thousands of victims. Health and emergency services are overwhelmed. 

At a building site for a temporary hospital, construction workers find a bag containing the rendered bones of a murdered child. A remorseless killer has been unleashed on the city; his mission is to take all measures necessary to prevent the bones from being identified. 

D.I. Jack MacNeil, counting down the hours on his final day with the Met, is sent to investigate. His career is in ruins, his marriage over and his own family touched by the virus. Sinister forces are tracking his every move, prepared to kill again to conceal the truth. Which will stop him first - the virus or the killers?

It might sound strange, considering we're currently in the middle of a pandemic, but as soon as I found out about this book, I wanted to read it. So I want to thank Hachette Australia for sending me a copy.

London is the epicenter of a global pandemic and the city is on lockdown. There's looting and violence on the streets, people are dying and there are curfews. Even cops need permission to move around. 

When DI MacNeil is called in to a construction site for a new hospital because bones are found inside a bag, all he wants to do is solve the case. Instead, he ends up stumbling on something much darker...

Wow. What a ride! This book is seriously awesome. As soon as I started, I was hooked.

The Foreword was interesting. The Prologue was creepy and disturbing. And when the bag full of bones is found, the fast-paced storytelling takes off with a bang.

Another thing that struck me as excellent pretty early on was how much I liked the characters. They were all very different and flawed with their own interesting backstories that had me wanting more.

It's told in three different POVs that gave the awful events the multiple angles necessary to complete the entire terrifying plot. Even though he was prickly and had messed up so much in his life, I really liked MacNeil. Amy was my favourite, she was clever and strong, determined and I found her field of expertise fascinating. I also really liked Dr Castelli for her attitude, wit and intelligence.

The events move quickly, so it doesn't take long for this book to become addictive.

This might be a crime thriller, but don't underestimate how terrifying it was, especially since we're currently living through a pandemic. Covid-19 is still a very real threat and thousands of people are dying all over the world, which is scary and sad. Yet, as much of a nightmare as the real thing is, this book reminds us that it can get even worse if we're not careful, act quickly and underestimate corruption. 

Lockdown is a captivating thriller set during a pandemic, which adds a deeper level of bleak despair that took my breath away. It's also a total page-turner, and made my pulse quicken as I raced towards the shocking conclusion.

There's plenty of heartbreak, several grotesque situations, horrific imagery, plus twists and turns. I really enjoyed the way the mystery unravelled.

I seriously loved this book. A lot.

Lockdown, May 2020, ISBN 9781529411690, Riverrun

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