Thursday 7 May 2020


Piper in the Woods
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Tonight, I managed to squeeze in an extra Philip K. Dick short story. 🌱

Doctor Henry Harris is dealing with a Patrolman who returns to Earth from the asteroid Y-3. This young man states he's a plant and refuses to work. Shortly after, more of these humans claiming to be plants come back home and sit in the sun all day.

Determined to find out what's going on, he goes to Y-3 himself, in search of The Pipers...

This turned out to be quite the mysterious story. A story about people who spend a lot of time studying and reaching for goals, suddenly deciding that sitting in the sun all day and sleeping all night is a much better existence.

I liked how focused Harris becomes with solving the mystery. So determined, he ends up going to search for the source of the trouble, only to find himself as captivated as everyone else.

The pacing for this story is great. It's a slow burn that reveals a bit at a time, before everything makes sense on several levels. Firstly, because the Pipers are certainly real. And secondly, because of the parallel commentary about human life and how we push ourselves in directions that tire and wear us out, without stopping to question it.

And that final scene was perfect.

I'm really enjoying these shorties!

PKD was such a gifted storyteller.

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