Saturday 11 April 2020

What I'm Still Working On

Hi there! How are you coping with everything this week? Are things getting better?

Personally, I go from feeling great and productive and having a great time hanging around the house with hubby, to feeling the weight of impending doom consuming my brain. That's not a good feeling because the anxiety attached with those thoughts makes me feel crappy and overwhelmed. 😞

This week, we started focusing on yoga workouts every second/third morning because we decided to cut our two daily walks to one long one in the afternoon. After putting up with an influx of people on the river path, and the rude actions of people who have no fucking idea what social distancing means, we decided it was for the best.

It'll help our mental health and stop my blood from boiling every time the path gets unbearably swamped. Seriously, these people are terrible.

Besides, we also get to sleep in. So I'm happy with this decision. 😊

Let's get on with my goals for this week. This is what I wanted to do: 
  • Finish the creepy monster short story 
  • Continue revising noir-mystery novella
And this is how it turned out:
  • Monday: Completed the final draft of short story & subbed to an anthology. Total word count: 4,594
  • Tuesday: Started novella third draft & revised 19/52pgs + added 655w.
  • Wednesday: Completed third draft of novella @ 19,171 + added 811w (52pgs).
  • Thursday: Took a break from revision to get a little distance before last read-thru. 
  • Friday: Completed read-thru on my Paperwhite + made all the changes on Word doc: 19,293w (52pgs).
  • Saturday: My novella WIP is now DONE! Total word count: 19,306 (52pgs).

As you can see, when I set myself writing goals, I do everything I can to achieve them. And then some. LOL.

Getting the short story done so early in the week was awesome. This happened to be an idea that came to me quickly and demanded to be told. It was also a story I wrote with an anthology in mind. So when the deadline was moved forward, I made sure to get it done and subbed ASAP.🤞

The novella took a bit longer to finish, of course. But it was worth every minute I spent working on the third and final drafts. I'm proud and super excited about how this story turned out.

Even though my main focus was on finishing the above WIPs, I also managed to squeeze in a bit of reading. Reading helps me forget about the outside world for a while. Because there's a lot of awful shit going on out there, isn't there?

I finally read LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE by Celeste Ng and absolutely loved it. It's a book I picked up during one of our thrift store adventures and have been meaning to read for ages. And it was awesome. I was hooked from beginning to end!

While I've been working towards these two self-imposed goals, hubby has been making his way through the UNCHARTED games on the PS4. He finished the first two really fast, got to the third and the file corrupted (WTF?), so he's moved on to the fourth one.😄👍

Well, that's it for now. Try and have a nice weekend!

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