Saturday 18 April 2020

The Week After Revision

Hey! How are you today?

How's this week treating you? The world is still insane, so I know it's weird to ask. But still, it's nice to check in. To make sure we're all okay.

So, Australia is still on lockdown and is going to stay that way for another four weeks. The restrictions seem to be working. People are still getting this horrid virus, but the infection numbers have started to go down.

It's all sad and scary. Never-ending.

Personally, the danger is always there in the back of my mind. Sometimes it gets to me and I have a bit of an anxious meltdown, but that's expected during such unstable times.

Mostly, we try to stay informed but busy with the stuff we love to do. Spending time with hubby is always awesome. We only go out once a day for a nice long walk in the middle of the day, do plenty of yoga and sometimes just hang out checking out YouTube.

Hubby is still working his way through the Uncharted games. I find reading and writing work best for me.

Since I spent the last two weeks working on my self-imposed revision goals, I didn't have any writing plans. Now's the time to go through my Idea Folders. To see what catches my attention, add and remove things. But, while I was doing this, one of those Ideas really caught on. So much that I sorted the inspirational pics, started a Notes doc, and even wrote the first chapter. 👀

This is a SF idea I've had for a while, but it wasn't clicking. Then last weekend, while sorting the pics a lot of the stuff started to come together. A location change, a character profession switch, and the story's ready to be told.

Love when this happens, so I'm going to go with the flow and let the words come when they're ready. I already know this is going to be a novella, anywhere between 15-20k. 😊

Asides from this, I've been busy reading the books that I feel like. A lot of the books I've been reading lately are stories I've been interested in for ages. I did start reading an anthology for review last week, but after only enjoying one out of the six short stories, I've decided to put it aside for now. I'll go back to it, but I need a break.

Well, that's about it for this week.

I hope you're all staying safe!

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