Sunday 26 April 2020

A New WIP!

Hi! How are you today? 

Is this week treating you okay? Wish I could say things were getting better in this unstable world, but insane seems to be the new normal. 😒

Australia is still on lockdown, so hubby and I only leave the house once a day, for a nice long suburban walk. We also go to the grocery store every fortnight, instead of weekly. And when we do go out, we keep our distance from everyone.

A lot of people don't seem to get it, but we take our social distancing very seriously. There's a lot of jogging past, crossing the road, walking on the road and constant zigzagging. 

So, this week's projects were: getting stuck into a new WIP and reading NINTH HOUSE.

Let's start with how my word count went: 
  • Monday: 4,119 (added 2989w) 
  • Tuesday: 6,373 (added 2254w) 
  • Wednesday: 8,418 (added 2045w)
  • Thursday: 11,467 (added 3049w) 
  • Friday: 12,609 (added 1142w)
  • Saturday: 15,409 (added 2800w)
  • Sunday: 17,758 (added 2349w)

As you can see, it went well. LOL

I hadn't planned to get stuck into a new story this quickly, but when I started a Notes doc and wrote the first 1,130 words last week... I knew this new novella was ready to be told. And who am I to deny a new idea that wants to get out of my head? 😉

As I mentioned in my last post, this story is SciFi. With a dark, noir cyberpunk slant. I'm having a great time writing it, and am loving this cast of characters. Some of them have been inside my head for a while, others popped up out of nowhere. But they all fit in with each other very well.

Although the bare bones of the novella is in my notes and I know where/how it's going to end, I've had a few writing sessions that were full of pantsing goodness. That's where/when unexpected cool stuff happens, and all the pieces start falling into place.

I'm hoping to have the first draft done by the end of the month. The way that it's going at the moment, I reckon I could probably do it because I'm very close to the end.🤞

My other goal was to read a book I've had my eye on for ages: NINTH HOUSE by Leigh Bardugo. I took my time and enjoyed it SO much. Actually, I loved it.

Asides from my usual writing and reading schedule, we've continued our yoga workouts every second day. They're really helping, since we had to cut our walks from two to one. Hanging around with hubby is always great. We have a lot of fun together. Also, he plays games while I read/write. He's now up to the Uncharted game on the PS Vita.

Oh, and THIS very awesome thing happened! I'm so excited about my short story making the cut at Crystal Lake Publishing. 😃

Well, that was my week. Hope yours was productive or relaxing, or both.

Have a nice day!


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