Friday 20 March 2020

WE ARE ALL MONSTERS by Cassie Carnage

We Are All Monsters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've had this book on my Paperwhite for a while with the intention of reading it, and today I decided it was time...

HER ROTTEN EMBRACE is a beautiful, lyrical tale about revenge and healing after the ultimate rage has settled over a murder victim. I loved how the swamp and nature imagery simultaneously invoked so much emotion.

CANCER'S REQUIEM is a heartbreaking story. I loved the flawless personification of such a cruel disease as a terrifying monster hellbent on ultimate destruction. Another lovely, but dark tale.

THE RING is a somewhat twisted and humorous story with heart. Seeing dead people really messes with Nick's life but sometimes, it can also lead to some surprising situations.

DROSOPHILA felt like being stuck inside an incoherent waking nightmare that buzzes away inside your brain like little fruit flies containing small fragments of the story. And when you reach The End, they all come together.

THE DYING LIGHT is a longer and very wicked story with an awful twist ending. OMFG. Brad and Frank really should've paid more attention to the stories told about the abandoned mines and the ancient spirit haunting them.

THE CORNUCOPIA was a demented little tale about Greed, Famine, God and the burned preacher who gets caught between them. It's also a hopeless story about the Forgotten people in society and the silent struggles they go through. Oh, and it has a really gross ending.

HOT WATER is a cautionary tale about what can happen when someone starts looking into something as simple as a faulty hot water system, and ends up dealing with vile magic. Which is exactly what happens to Addie and Hugh. Wow. Loved how this tale ended up doing the switcheroo on me.

BLACK HEARTS AND BLOODIED LIPS turned out to be an interesting urban fantasy vampire story with a bloody good twist and great world building. Annie and Sam make a great team, but I wonder what will happen to them after that intriguing ending...

WALPURGISNACHT reminded me that there's nothing like an evil witch story to grab my interest, and this was an excellent one. Maybe they should've listened to Mrs. Calvera.

OF 'SQUATCH AND MAN is the story of three friends--James, Ryan, Eric--who go on a camping trip. Where they discover a beastly secret one of them is keeping, in the most brutal way. Oh, and it was a hell of a lot of fun!

THREE THIEVES OF NIGHT PRELUDE is actually a preview of one of Cassie's novels. I liked it!

All of these stories caused me to feel different emotions, ranging from feelings of sympathy and empathy, to amusement, horror and intrigue.

I was deeply drawn into every character and what was happening to them in such an involved way that some of these tales left mental scars. And that is an awesome thing, because it means that with words and great descriptions, Cassie Carnage painted vivid images in my mind.

This is definitely a fantastic horror collection with a great mix of dark tales. There's something for everyone, and I'm happy to say that I enjoyed all of them. A LOT.

Loved this book!

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