Sunday 22 March 2020

This Week's Reading

Hey! How are you today? Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Just thought I'd pop in and post about something I mentioned on Twitter last night. I even posted links to my reviews over there, but I thought it might be cool to write a blog post about it too. 😊

I know a lot of people don't like Twitter because crappy stuff goes on sometimes, but that's not Twitter's fault. That's just people. And people always disappoint.

Anyway, personally, I really like it over there. I've been tweeting for years and asides from this blog and Goodreads, it's the only social media I bother with.

Through the years I've met, and continue to meet, some really cool people. A bunch of them happen to be authors. Writers just like me, who are pubbed by smaller publishers, are self-pubbed, or a bit of both. I also happen to have quite a few of their books on my Paperwhite, so I decided to spend this past week reading books written by some of these cool people. 

Here's what I ended up reading: 

That's two short story collections, two novellas and one novelette. I loved all of them for different reasons, but mainly because they were all awesome in their own dark and twisted way.

I really enjoyed doing this and had such a great time, that I'll definitely do this again soon.

Can't wait to pick another five titles... 😁📚

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