Thursday 19 March 2020


The Necromancer's Apprentice
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've had this beauty on my Kindle for way too long, so last night I decided it was time to get stuck into it. And I was instantly hooked.

Evanthe is an apprentice necromancer. She's an eager student, lives with her mentor (Morrow) in a renovated church, and has some pretty strong feelings for him. But all of that has to be put on hold when they're forced to deal with an unexpected attack...

Well, that was an awesome reading experience full of urban fantasy goodness.

This novella is packed with just about everything that guarantees I'm going to LOVE the story. It's action-packed and very well written. Also includes a zombie, grave robbing, necromancy, demonology, and awesome characters.

Speaking of characters, Evanthe is SO great! She might be young and considered inexperienced, but she's got plenty of passion and determination. She's also loyal, and very clever. Morrow is intriguing, alluring and so broody, who could blame her for falling for him? And together, they're an amazing duo. Not to mention that the chemistry between them is off the charts.

I seriously adored this story and really (really) hope there will one day be more Evanthe and Morrow tales.

Oh, and if you want to read it--which I totally think you should--grab it for free HERE.

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