Monday 16 March 2020

Goosebumps Reading Challenge

A few weeks ago, I gave myself a Mini Reading Challenge that involved reading TEN Goosebumps books.

Why? Well, these paperbacks were books we found in thrift stores, and they're a bit on the scabbier side. You know, ripped, stained and just not keepers. But that's only on the surface because they're all awesome stories.

These are the books I read:

And here are their freaky covers:

You can read my reviews here:

(Or read them below on this blog.)

I had such a great time reading one book a day for ten days. Each book was great in its own way because they're all creepy, scary and so much fun!

RL Stine sure knows how to write interesting likeable characters, who find themselves in mysterious and dangerous situations.

Although this binge is over, I've still got a bunch of other Goosebumps I can't wait to read.


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