Sunday 29 March 2020

GHOSTER by Jason Arnopp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is another book I've had my eye on for a while and decided to finally get stuck into. After all, I enjoyed the hell out of The Last Days of Jack Sparks. 😈

Kate Collins is a paramedic with a social media problem. Her addiction to her phone screwed her up in many different ways. So she doesn't engage anymore and only uses a very basic phone.

That all changes on the day she's supposed to be moving in with her boyfriend in Brighton. Scott isn't in his flat and all of his stuff is gone. The only thing left behind is his phone...

Wow. This book is fantastic! It's packed with SO much, and everything fits SO well together that I couldn't put it down. Still, I forced myself to take my time. To make sure I didn't miss any of the essential details.

I was instantly hooked into Kate's hectic way of telling the story. Right from the beginning, she offers details in such sporadic bursts, that I knew she was intentionally leaving out plenty of stuff. And because I love reading unreliable narrators, I couldn't wait to find out where the mystery of her missing boyfriend was going to take me.

The story is told in Kate's POV, her timeline alternates between the moment she first spots Scott and what happens when she moves in with him. Or rather, into his apartment.

Although she peppers the narrative with clues and enough pieces from the past to get an idea about what's going on, she holds back enough to keep the core mystery buzzing and the tension building. And along the way, she faces some seriously weird shit. A lot of fascinating stuff.

This book was as addictive as Kate's desperate need to sift through Scott's rabbit hole of a phone. 😲

I really liked how well the obsession our modern world has with social media is portrayed. And not just that, but also the way it showcases how dependent we've become on our phones. In theory, it's easy to state that they're a computer and communications device in the palm of our hands. BUT the reality is that our phones have become an extension of us, almost like another limb we need instant access to.

It's quite the observation and having this clever commentary depicted via a very creepy and sinister story provides such a disturbing experience.

I had an awesome time with this supernatural thrill ride and LOVED the ending. Everything becomes so very clear all at once.

Oh, and I thought Izzy was a great character. She's interesting and strong, honest and loyal. If it wasn't for her, Kate would've fallen apart a lot sooner.

Can't wait to see what Jason Arnopp comes up with next...

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