Thursday 2 January 2020

Reading 2020


A new year means a new Goodreads Reading Challenge...

That's right. I'm setting my usual 100 Books Reading Challenge.

These are the mini-challenges I like to squeeze into the overall challenge:
  • Find a good balance between reading books for review, books from my personal bookshelves, thrift store books, Kindle, Kobo and tablet. 
  • Stop putting off highly-anticipated books and read them whenever the mood strikes. 
  • Continue to catch up on series books I've fallen behind on. 
  • Finish trilogies, duologies and series. 
  • Read more author short story collections and short story/novella anthologies. 
  • Although I hate DNFing books--and feel bad doing it--I MUST keep doing it for books that don't grab me.

My main Reading Goal for this year is to read whatever book I feel like reading whenever I feel like reading it.

Anyway, you can keep up with my progress on My Reading Page or at Goodreads

So, how many books do YOU plan to read this year? 

Here's to another awesome year full of awesome reading!

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