Monday 9 December 2019

I AM NOT YOUR FINAL GIRL by Claire C Holland

I Am Not Your Final Girl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want to start by saying that I love the simplicity of this cover. It's as sharp as the poems inside, and captures the subject matter within perfectly.

I've been watching horror movies since I was very young, and have always been fascinated with the countless final girls I met along the way. They were always kind-hearted, clever and strong, never given the credit they deserved by other characters, and brave when it counted. I mean, they made it to the end, right?

This book of poetry captured the essence of these girls and women so well, I couldn't stop reading. Actually, I read this on my Paperwhite in one sitting.

Any book with such a powerful introduction is sure to hook me instantly. And when the poems are this good and gritty, it's a pleasure to read. Easy to get lost in the words while remembering the characters they relate to.

These characters might be from horror movies where madmen with masks stalk the shadows with a knife or a machete, or monsters in the darkness, but they're the ones with teeth and claws. Their struggles mirror our own, because every girl and every woman knows how cruel and judgemental this world can be. We've all suffered through violent words or actions, senseless abuse, sexist behaviour--sometimes unintentional, but so ingrained. And like our horror sisters, we're strong enough to fight until the very end because we refuse to give up or give in.

I LOVED this book. Every poem is amazing, captivating and the words cut like the sharpest blade. Plus, it's a great tribute to Final Girls.

I'm going to end this review with this awesome quote from Rosemary's poem:

"... it's not the Devil you need to worry about, but the devil you know."

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