Monday 30 December 2019

2019 Goals

So, the year is winding down as quickly as the decade. Yikes!

This is always a good time to look back at the Goals List I posted at the beginning of the year. There were a bunch of writing and reading goals on my list. As well as a few other things too. 

So, here's how everything turned out:
  • Continue what's now become our awesome habit of going for two daily walks: WE KEPT THIS HABIT GOING ALL YEAR. SOME DAYS, WE EVEN WENT FOR MORE THAN TWO WALKS.
  • Keep doing two yoga workouts a week: WHILE WE DID GET BACK INTO YOGA, IT WASN'T AS REGULAR AS I WANTED IT TO BE.
  • Write between 100-200k words: ENDED UP WRITING 263,580 words & EDITED 841 pages. (VERY happy with these totals. 😃👍)
  • Read 100 books: READ 150 BOOKS. (Only 13 DNFs.)
  • Finalise one/two of the YA horror novel first drafts I've got lying around on my hard drive: UNFORTUNATELY, I TOTALLY FAILED THIS ONE BECAUSE I CHOSE TO CONCENTRATE ON WRITING NEW STORIES INSTEAD.
  • Write two new novels: I WROTE THREE FIRST DRAFTS. An Adult demonic horror (57,476w). A YA gothic horror (50,263w). An Adult 80s horror/SF (66,181w). 
  • Write at least one novella: WHILE I DID WRITE A NOVELETTE (Breaking the Habit), I ONCE AGAIN FAILED THIS ONE. (Every time I planned to write a novella, they would turn into longer stories. 😂)
  • Keep writing short stories & sub more often: I WROTE FIVE SHORT STORIES & REVISED THEM. I ALSO REWROTE/REVISED TWO OLDER SHORT STORIES. (I subbed quite a few stories to a bunch of places.)
  • Take part in NaNoWriMoI  TOOK PART & GOT MY 13th WIN! (This time I wrote a fun horror/SF crazy 80s romp just for me. 😁)
  • Make spring cleaning an ongoing thing to keep clutter at a mininum: TOTALLY DID THIS ALL YEAR & I'M STILL DOING IT NOW.
  • Actually play games on my 2DS: WELL, I DID PLAY A BIT BUT NOT AS MUCH AS I WANTED.

Well, there it is. That's all the stuff I managed to do this year. I missed a few things on the list but I'll just carry them forward. And I'm still excited about what I did achieve.

Something really awesome happened this year. The novelette I wrote at the beginning of the year was published by Demain Publishing:

BREAKING THE HABIT was published in July and I'm still very excited about it. I'm also very proud of it. 😃

The first half of this year was a bit wonky but hubby and I managed to get through it together. We went through several real life changes. Our daughter moved out of home, we renovated her room to become our games room, we're now debt free, and hubby left a toxic working environment.

This led to us spending two awesome relaxing and fun months together to recharge and spend time doing all the things we love to do. 😍

2019 Summary:

Now it's time to come up with a 2020 Goal List...

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