Tuesday 29 October 2019

LADY KILLER 2 #5 by Joëlle Jones

Lady Killer 2 #5
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's taken me WAY too long to read this very awesome conclusion to this great comic book series by Joëlle Jones. But, is it The End for Josie's bloody adventures? I mean, judging by that ending--😳--how could it be?

Anyway, I loved how the issue begins with Josie's mother teaching her the ropes about how to really survive in the cruel world run by men. That last frame (in the first section) is just fantastic, because there's just no other way for her life to go after that!

And when we return to the house with Josie and her MIL dealing with Irving, all hell breaks loose. I mean, seriously, that encounter was brutal. Although Josie made me laugh a few times. But not after what happens to her.

I felt so bad for her because the way things turn out is really sad. I know she's a cold-blooded killer when she has to be, but I liked Josie from the beginning. Oh, and that last page? OMG.

How can there be no more?

I have one final thing to say: I LOVE the artwork. It's so bright and beautiful and totally captures the era.

This turned out to be an excellent comic book series. It's a bit The Stepford Wives and a lot Dexter.

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