Wednesday 30 October 2019

DIRTY PAWS by Dean M Drinkel

DIRTY PAWS (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 0)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By now I know that reading a Short Sharp Shocks! story means I'm in for a horror treat. And the same goes here.

Maxime and Léa are a strange couple who are in Paris on business. They're always fighting, but after another argument each went their own way to embark on a night of sex, alcohol, drugs and some really weird shit.

Still, they're bound to get back together. If the monster stalking them doesn't find them first...

Yikes. This story sure gets dark really quickly.

At first, we're thrown into this couple's hotel room as they lie next to each other, totally destroyed after their separate night's activities. Then we're thrown into the reason why they had a fight in the first place. And everything goes downhill from there. 👀

These two aren't nice, well-behaved people, they know why they're there and until it becomes crystal clear what that shocking thing is, I was disoriented and trying to work things out. The writing style is perfect for this kind of tale--surreal and confusing, leaving obvious details out on purpose.

I really enjoyed that!

If you're squeamish, you might find some of the content uncomfortable. If not, this is a nice violent, shocking and often gross, but very entertaining story.

Yep. This is another very cool SSS! story. Actually, it's the very first one, because this little tale full of criminals, murder, monsters and mayhem happens to be the one that started everything.

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