Saturday 4 May 2019

Back to It


I hope you all had a nice week. Mine was a bit weird. 

After two (awesome) weeks of staying up late, sleeping in and going on adventures with hubby, getting back into the swing of things was a little challenging. 

It's not so much the getting up super early again. I'm cool with starting the day before sunrise, which means I'm back to walking the river path while most people are still asleep. It's more about changing gears in my brain. 

My head was all over the place this week. 

I knew it would be, so I didn't plan any real goals. Instead, I got stuck into stuff that didn't require too much thought. I sorted through the (many) bargain books we bought during our break, organised some stuff, squeezed in quite a bit of review reading, and even snuck in some file updates.

Asides from that, I formatted the story I started writing a few weeks ago. I'm not sure when I'll go back to adding more words, but I'm very excited because it'll be my first Victorian gothic ghost story with a twist. AND, the main character's voice is so strong I keep getting snippets.

Writing is such a strange and exciting monster.

Funny thing is that even though we're back into it, the thrifting hasn't stopped. I found a great pile of books this week, and even scored some free ones. For example, I found a free copy of MATILDA by Roald Dahl outside a thrift store (been meaning to get a copy for ages) & THE BLIND ASSASSIN by Margaret Atwood in one of our Street Libraries (always interested in any Atwood books)! Very cool.

As you can see, my book addiction is a never-ending obsession. No matter how many books I have to read, I'm always open to getting ARCs, review copies, thrift finds, Kindle bargains and specials from any/every bookstore I visit.

So, to make the transition from break to work, I decided to throw myself into writing thoughts, books, reading and walking. 

I don't have any definite plans for the coming week, but I'm planning to put some time aside to make writing plans for the next few months. 😁

Hope you have an awesome week!

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