Monday 22 April 2019

THE CUNDY by R.H. Dixon

When 13-year-old Sullivan Carter and his younger brother, Colton, are forced to hide from school bullies in the cundy (a water conduit in Castle Eden Dene), they are attacked by a terrifying creature which goes on to haunt their dreams. 

Rumour has it that some older teens have been performing strange rituals at the cundy. As such, Sullivan is convinced that he and Colton are now being hunted by an ancient creature that’s been unleashed from its dark lair. A creature that’s been lurking since the time Scula the Danish Viking warlord ruled the area in the 900s. 

When Colton begins to hear voices which draw him back to the cundy, he tells Sullivan he believes one of them belongs to their dead mother. 

Sullivan must reach beyond his own profound grief in order to defend Colton and himself against the wily creature. 

Does he have what it takes to defeat it? Or will he need to sacrifice himself in order to save his little brother?

I received an eBook review copy of this book from the author. And I was happy to because after reading the blurb, I was intrigued.

Sullivan Carter is being hassled by bullies, and while trying to get away from them he's forced to hide in the cundy with his younger brother. That's when they're attacked by a scary creature who starts to haunt them. 

At the same time, things at home are complicated with their dad and Sullivan's starting a new friendship with a girl. But things get worse when the dreams come and the voices start whispering... 

Okay. I was really excited about this book. I love coming of age stories, especially featuring siblings. But I have to admit, I started reading this a few weeks ago but... couldn't get into it. 

There was something keeping me from connecting with the characters and the story. And I'm not sure why. I mean, both Sullivan and Colton were interesting in their own way, and I felt bad for Sullivan getting bullied by asshole kids. Plus the writing was good, it really was. 

But I just wasn't hooked. Still, I kept reading until the end.

One thing I did enjoy was the sense of atmosphere and location in this story. The dark and dreary days added to the damp and grey feel of the place, and the sadness of what was going on. It was bleak, but not as frightening as I was expecting. 

It's a shame that I wasn't captivated by this book, because that's what I was hoping would happen.

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