Monday 11 March 2019

March into another month...

Can you believe a new month is here? Yikes.

March means that summer is over and autumn is here. Well, technically that's what's supposed to happen. But thanks to an awful thing called climate change, the seasons are all over the place. I mean, the last week of Feb was coldish, and so far the temp in March has been very summerish.

Weird, but at least daylight savings won't be over until next month. o.O

So, the last time I posted an update was several weeks ago and I've been busy doing stuff. As well as dealing with teen attitude (along with stupid decisions), and putting up with obnoxious neighbours doing noisy/smelly renovations at all hours. Ugh.

I lost quite a few days to distracted brain and not being able to focus. But last week was different. I found my focus again. Actually, most of the week was full of thinking, taking notes and inspiration. I even came up with a new idea that I'm super excited about.

Oh, plus I finished that little Sierra Fox prequel story I wrote one Saturday last month. I got so caught up in it, that I finished three drafts and the read-thru on my Paperwhite pretty quickly. Actually, I even subbed it to an anthology. It's a longshot--of course it is--but I still took the plunge. :)

The most exciting thing is that so far this year, I've already finished two projects:
  • Novelette about werewolves (11,503w)
  • Short story about ghosts (3,997 w) 

Not bad! Now I'm turning my attention to a novella about the demonic. While taking notes for an UF novel. And brainstorming a new slasher idea.

Yeah, my head is crowded. But at the same time, I'm so inspired that I'm bursting with ideas and snippets and scenes. 

We haven't watched any TV shows for a while, but we did go to watch CAPTAIN MARVEL. And OMFG, I LOVED IT! It's such a perfect addition to the MCU. I also thought it was clever, full of excellent spacey goodness, great Easter eggs and very cool twists. Plus, the 90s soundtrack matched the story perfectly.

The Stan Lee tribute was beautifully sad. :,(

Also, Brie Larson totally rocked this role. Don't listen to the idiots who are so sexist they can't accept an awesome actress playing an awesome superhero just because they feel threatened by their inadequacy.

That's about it, I guess. I've been busy doing stuff and hope to achieve more this week.

Have a good one!

PS. That comment about not watching any shows during the last few weeks is true. But last night, we finally started AMERICAN GODS. 

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