Thursday 21 March 2019

Busy Week Writing

Last week I spoke a bit about the story behind my current WIP. And this week I added quite a few new words to my demonic terror. A lot more than I expected, but the story's really speaking to me now. 

So much that the chapter notes I wrote last week no longer matter. They're not relevant. Sometimes, I don't know why I bother. LOL. But that's fine, because the new direction is SO MUCH better. Brutal, even. Some (unexpected) drastic stuff happened to one of the characters. Things I didn't want to inflict because I felt bad, but in the end, these things HAD to happen.

Sometimes, you just gotta put your characters through some heavy stuff. Sometimes, the only way forward is through some dreadful crap.

There's plenty of creepy stuff happening all round. So much that I keep losing myself during each session. Time slips away quickly. In a good way, because when I lose myself to the story like this, it means I'm really feeling it.

Here's this week's word count:
  • Monday:. 24,228 (3,639w)
  • Tuesday:  28,314 (4,086w)
  • Wednesday: 32,504 (4,190w)
  • Thursday: 35,020 (2,516w) 
  • Friday: 38,182 (3,162w)

Not bad, right? I cruised past the 100-page mark today, which is really cool.

I've actually passed the total word count I initially expected this story to be (10-20k). I'm still in novella-size territory, but I'm not sure where it'll end up. Can't be 40k, since I'm pretty close to that total and there's no way I'm going to reach the conclusion by then. Maybe 50k? Could be, but I'm not sure.

It doesn't matter how many words it takes to reach the end of this draft. As long as I get the story completely out of my head and told in the way it deserves.

This story might have started out a bit cautiously, slow even... but I'm totally committed now. 😄

Asides from all this writing and thinking about the story, hubby & I went out on several dinner dates this week before our daughter got back from her 2-week holiday. She went to Canada for a bit and really enjoyed herself.

Well, that's about it for now. The only thing I didn't do enough was reading. Gotta get back into the swing of reading.

Tomorrow we've got to go out and vote. It's NSW election time and I hope the current government gets booted because they're fucking hopeless. And after that, we're going to watch CAPTAIN MARVEL for the third time. Hey, our daughter hasn't seen it yet. 😁  

Have a great weekend!

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