Wednesday 20 February 2019

THE SHINING GIRLS by Lauren Beukes

The Shining Girls
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I've had this on my Paperwhite for a while now and finally decided to start reading it yesterday. There's a lot of hype attached to this book, and how can there not be? It's about a time-travelling serial killer.

That's bound to grab the attention of readers. It grabbed my attention. But once I started the book, I realised that while the concept sounded great, it lost a lot of it's shine pretty early on.

For starters, the killer Harper Curtis literally stumbles into the time travelling house. It's pretty much how he finds his shining girls. Which is really just a way to determine a pattern for his targets without really having a pattern. O.o

And the chapters featuring his victims were too brief. Half of the chapter focuses only on setting the scene for the time period, so by the time these unfortunate women are killed you kinda wonder why we were introduced to them at all. There just wasn't enough time to feel anything for anyone.

I suppose the purpose is not to get close to the victims, but to hate the killer. And I didn't need any help with that. His POV got dull really fast. To the point where I started skimming his bits because I just didn't care.

Kirby Mazrachi is another story. I really liked her and enjoyed her POV because she wasn't just the girl who survived, but the one who refused to give up and is determined to find her attacker.

The other character I liked was Dan Velasquez, who is a former homicide reporter she's interning with. When they're together, I really enjoyed what was going on. But there was SO much added from SO many other characters that even Kirby and Dan get lost in the mix.

I really thought I would love this, but there were too many pesky things that annoyed me about the story. For starters, there was too much Harper. I felt like there should've been more mystery attached to him. Not to mention there were too many character POVs. The historical infodumps eventually lost me. But the lack of any real twist was my biggest disappointment.

Look, the writing style was nice and everything but overall, this book failed to captivate me as much as I hoped. In the end, I thought it was okay and for me, didn't live up to the hype.

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