Monday 7 January 2019

PRETTY MARYS ALL IN A ROW by Gwendolyn Kiste

Pretty Marys All in a Row
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first heard about this novella on Twitter, where several people mentioned how good it was. So I picked up a copy late last year with the intention of reading it in 2019.

Resurrection Mary. Bloody Mary. Mistress Mary Quite Contrary. Mary Mack. Mari Lwyd. We all know the names from urban legends, nursery rhymes and old myths, but no one knows how they spend their afterlives when they're not haunting.

Well, this is that story.

Rhee spends her time haunting a stretch of highway and grieving over her lost love. Red waits inside a mirror until she's summoned. Mistress plagues the garden with her poisonous plants. Mack is always in the basement building her own coffin. And Lew, from the forgotten Welsh story, carries the skull of her horse with her and drinks too much.

These five Marys live in a house together. They've become sisters and share the fear they've collected from the living at the dinner table. But something strange is happening. There's a darkness seeking them out. One that will surely destroy them...

Wow. This is such a great story!

Not only is the concept amazing--I'm a sucker for urban legends and myths--but the writing style hooked me in from the very beginning.

The story is told by Rhee, and her voice is so haunting and interesting that I got caught up in this unique ghost story so deeply my fingers itched to grab my Paperwhite so I could read a little bit more. To squeeze in another chapter between doing stuff... until I read the last half in one sitting.

I love stories like these. The ones that feature tormented girls and are told in a whimsical manner full of horrific imagery, narrated in such a lyrical way that it becomes eerily beautiful. Tales of forgotten girls, lost and damaged girls, victims of violence so often forgotten. This story captures ALL of that and so much more.

I'm so glad I've finally read this awesome book. I definitely have to read more books written by this author.

And btw, I LOVE the cover.

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