Monday 28 January 2019


Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children, #3)
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I love this series, so after really enjoying Every Heart a Doorway and Down Among the Sticks and Bones, I was looking forward to reading the third installment.

Cora used to be a mermaid and is now friends with a drowned girl. After living in the place she considers home and being returned to the world she can't relate to, she lives in Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children. The day a girl wearing a cake dress lands in the pond near the school claiming she's Sumi's daughter, Cora's life takes an unexpected turn.

Sumi is dead, so she can't have a daughter. But Rini was still born because things are different in the land of Sugar and Nonsense. Rini is slowly fading, and unless she restores her mother, she'll disappear and her world will be ruined.

And so begins a very strange adventure...

Man, these modern fairy tales are SO freaking great. I love the different chatacters, love how all of these worlds differ yet fit together, and the very idea of random doors opening up to specific kids and leading elsewhere is so intriguing. Not to mention the misfortune of being given the chance to live where they feel they truly belong, only to be returned.

Put all of this together, and you have plenty of ingredients to bake the most wonderful story. Oh hold on, I'm getting carried away with the sugary imagery. Seriously, after reading this novella I wanted to have some cupcakes with frosting. Or a cake slice with frosting. Hell, frosting would've been just fine. 😄

I thought Cora was a great heroine. She's one of those girls who everyone looks at and makes a hundred assumptions about. But she was a mermaid, and before that a swimmer. She's agile and has learned to not say certain things at certain times to avoid judgement. It's sad, because she's lovely and strong and brave.

It was also great to see Kade again (I really want to read his tale) and to see Nancy in her element. I got a kick out of that. Not to mention that I was totally intrigued by Christopher. I'm a sucker for skulls and skeleton stories.

Asides from the awesome and varied characters—I mean, how cool was the Baker?—the way the story is written is addictive. And the imagery so vivid every scene played out inside my mind perfectly.

Yeah, this is such a wonderful book and I can't wait to read more.

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