Monday 3 December 2018

We've hit the last month of the year...

How are you?

I can't believe it's the start of another month. Or that the new month happens to be DECEMBER. OMGosh. 

Anyway, since I finished my NaNoWriMo story a few weeks ago, I've been busy doing a bunch of other stuff so I didn't bother posting anything. I was taking a mental break.

Asides from suffering through the After First Draft Is Done Blues, I threw myself into reading. And unfortunately, found myself in DNF Hell. I DNFd FIVE books! I hate DNFing books, but if I can't get into a story, I refuse to force myself to keep reading. There are just TOO MANY BOOKS.

I also got stuck into my Revision List. So that's done. For now. And I did eventually find some cool reading material: Stephanie Plum #25. I also squeezed in a few more Sabrina comic book issues. 

But that was the week before. Last week was different. I had plenty of energy, so I got stuck into some serious spring cleaning. Actually, my daughter inspired me. After finishing her HSC, she spent several weeks getting rid of her school stuff. Then embarked on a total sweep through her entire room. 

I started with my stationery trunk. I got serious and cleared out a LOT of stuff. Even then, I still have heaps of notebooks & stuff, but got rid of so much. Then I moved onto my bookshelves, and have been clearing toys and reorganising my books. I even sorted through my winter clothes. There's SO much to go through. And although I've done quite a bit, I'm still not done. 

Being a collector of many things means that bookshelves & room space is forever a WIP. 😳 But that's cool, I'll keep going until I'm done. 

One of the best things about all of this decluttering is how much we've donated to our local thrift store. In the last week we've walked there and dropped bags full of stuff five times! It's tiring, but I like the thought of someone else enjoying what we don't have space/use for anymore. Recycling is much better than throwing away. 

I also wrote the first draft of a short story I've had bouncing around inside my head for a few years. It was inspired by the empty playground nearby on a rainy day, and every time it rains, the idea resurfaces. And this time, I wrote it. On my phone. 

Total word count: 2,570

I'm very happy with how it turned out and look forward to revising it. I actually want to sub it to an anthology, too. So that's one of my projects for December. To have it finalised & subbed before X-Mas break. 

We also watched the entire season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix, and it was such a delight. I'm a big fan of the original She-Ra show and used to watch it when I was a kid, so I was curious about this one. I REALLY love what they did with it. They took the original idea and turned it into something fantastic. The story was amazing. The characters were interesting. And it looks beautiful. Yeah, loved everything about this show. 😍 

Well, that's about all. I've got a new to-do list ready to go, and hope to get stuck into that.

Hope you have a great week!

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