Friday 14 December 2018

Spring Cleaning during Summer

So, how are you today? 

As I mentioned the last time I blogged, after my daughter started sorting out her room I was inspired to do the same. So I've had a very busy couple of weeks tackling my own Spring Cleaning Project. It turned out to be a pretty big project that wormed its way so deeply into my brain, I started having dreams about sorting stuff. 😁 

I started with the Big Stationery Trunk Reorganising, which turned into the Huge Bookshelves Reorganising Project and ended up becoming the Excess Toys/Collectibles Sorting. I even added a bit of Pen Shuffling.

Yep. There was a LOT of stuff to do, even more to go through, and I made a pretty big mess while trying to find proper homes for everything. Although there was a lot of physical work involved, at the end of each day I was mentally exhausted. There was just SO MUCH to go through. A lot of stuff to reorganise and then donate.

Seriously, during the last 3-4 weeks we've probably donated about 20 bags full of assorted stuff: stationery, toys, clothes, collectibles. A lot of the stuff we got rid of was practically new, some still in their original packaging. It's nice to recycle things for other people to enjoy, rather than throwing things out so they end up as landfill.

I even infected hubby with the spring cleaning bug. We went through the kitchen and laundry together, sorting through everything there. 

And now I feel lighter. Just have to get into the habit of finding proper places for things ASAP. Oh, and buy less, too. LOL. Not going to stop buying completely because we're such big collectors of many things, but the impulse buying needs to stop.

During the decluttering, I was so overwhelmed by the process that it consumed my mind entirely. I couldn't even concentrate long enough to read much. But now that most of it is done (because this will be an ongoing thing) I can get stuck into other stuff. And I did, I got back into reading. 

Speaking of other things, through all of the above, I managed to revise the short story I wrote last month. Yep. During the last few weeks, I squeezed in the second and third drafts. I even proofread the story on my Paperwhite, formatted the doc and subbed it to an anthology.

The final word count was: 4,178

I'm really happy that it's done, and that the story turned out pretty close to how I imagined it in my head. And since the anthology closing date is the end of the year, my goal was to have it finished and subbed before the X-Mas break. So I've crossed it off my to-do list WAY before. Yay.

At the moment I'm a little slow and plan to spend the rest of the week concentrating on reading and daydreaming. I always feel this way after finishing a project, but being December means I feel it even more. 

So there you go. I'm pretty much done with my 2018 goals. Anything I get done now is extra. LOL. I think I'll spend what's left of the year reading, planning, sorting (ideas & files) and trying to take a mental break.

Well, have a great day. And an even better weekend!

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