Wednesday 19 December 2018

SONGS ABOUT A BOY by Chris Russell

Just as Charlie allows herself to succumb to Gabe's charms, the explosive revelation about her mother's death threatens to pull them apart. 

 Meanwhile, a media circus has exploded around the future of Fire&Lights - when they announce a US tour to show the world that they are stronger than ever, Charlie gets the opportunity to accompany them. New York City, here she comes! But it's not all fun and games. Charlie is still feeling all kinds of awkward around Gabe and knowing that her mother's last days were in America touring with her band, Charlie uses the opportunity to uncover some more truths about her mother's death. 

 As Fire&Lights try to win over the world again, and as Charlie and Gabriel uncover the true story that links their pasts, will Charlie finally be able to follow her heart?

Okay. I put it off for as long as I could... and NOW was the right time to read the final book in this super fun trilogy.

Charlie is facing the most important exams of her school life, but the many distractions weighing on her mind are making it hard to focus. The secrets of her mother's and Gabriel's father intertwined musical careers and tragedy have ripped Gabriel and her apart.

And now that one of the members of Fire&Lights has quit to start his own career, the other boys are going on a big US tour. And because so much of the answers Charlie and Gabriel seek are in America, she ends up going with them.

Well, she goes with her best friend's family. And what they find there will change everything, while possibly tearing everyone apart... 

I said this after the second book and I have to say it with this one: he did it again! Chris Russell REALLY delivered. Wow.

Charlie's voice has been one of my favourite things about this trilogy. I say one because there's so much to love about these books. And in this installment, she once again swept me away in her adventure. I was totally invested in her problems. In her heartbreak. In her grief. In her excitement. In how hard it was to discover the truth about her mother, only to have everything turned upside down.

Yep. There are several twists and turns,  unexpected revelations, and some very cool surprises.

I especially liked how her father finally got a chance to share the spotlight. Although I understood the necessity of her lies, I felt bad for him. Being left out of her adventure was really playing havoc on their relationship, which made me sad.

OMG, and we got plenty of Melissa. She's such a sweetheart and gets what she deserves and more in this book. Yay.

Now, the boys. Sigh. Yuki was his usual jokey self, even while going through some family drama. Aiden was his usual shy and adorable self, even while dealing with personal issues. Gabriel was still the complicated, troubled guy. Olly was still the nice guy we all know and love. And we meet another interesting musician, but I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say too much about him.

Yeah, I'm totally fangirling about this book. About these characters. About this trilogy. SO awesome!

Songs About a Boy is the perfect way of ending this amazing and emotional story. THIS is how you end a super fun, high-energy, awesome trilogy filled with drama and music! Not only did the storyline continue perfectly, but new obstacles and problems were introduced. All the answers I chased through the other books were revealed here. And most importantly, like the other two books: I was hooked.

This story is what teenage dreams are made of. The boys, music, vibes and excitement of actually meeting your favourite band... ALL of it is enough to take you back to being an obsessed teenager.

I LOVED this.

Songs About a Boy, September 2018, ISBN 9781444929201, Hodder Children's Books

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