Monday 24 December 2018

Getting Stuff Done

Usually, when December hits I'm mentally exhausted and all I want to do is read and watch and think. But this year has turned out to be a little different. After finishing my NaNoWriMo WIP, I somehow found the energy to throw myself into some pretty big spring cleaning projects. 

Every separate section--shelves, toys, stationery, collectibles--took quite a few days to get through. It was physically exhausting and mentally draining, but I pushed on and felt so much better when it was done. Yet, is sorting your stuff really ever done? As soon as I got the room stuff out of the way, I got stuck into my laptop files. This then led to the pesky project I mentioned last week. 

Going through my teen handwritten and typed papers was something I'd been meaning to do for over a decade. And now, I've finally finished. Everything worth keeping is a pdf and is sorted under appropriate folders. Crappy papers have been thrown away. The rest are all in new plastic sleeves, inside an airtight ziploc bag. Yep. The folder is about a quarter of the size it was before, which is actually awesome!

I'm SO happy it's DONE. I feel so much lighter. Almost as light as the Blue Folder:



Getting things done always feels good, but all of this sorting and re-sorting is even better. Almost as if this folder (which I'm happy to say is now gone) was somehow mentally connected to me, and going through everything has set me free. In a way, it has. Backing up stories that would otherwise just be lying around forgotten is a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Does that make sense?


Anyway, as you know, I was hoping to get this done by the end of the year but I finished before X-Mas. This is a great thing because I was starting to have dreams about scanning documents. 😳

Now I can sit back and enjoy the next few days without this hanging over my head. I can now concentrate on other things. And if the internet connection behaves--it was out for FOUR days, but that's another, messier story--I can really relax.

Well, have a great & festive week!

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