Friday 11 May 2018

Sometimes writing is about more than word count...

This is something I got to thinking about this week.

I had plans to start a new novel project next week, but by Wednesday I realised that because of the smaller things I've been focusing on, there's no way that's going to happen.

I might not be a big plotter, but I need to have a story plan and notes. An actual project to concentrate on. 

When I first admitted to myself the new story wasn't going to happen yet, I was disappointed. Felt like I was letting myself down because I was determined to get lost in a new story during May. But as the week moved along and I got stuck into revising a short story, as well as the synopsis I've been avoiding for ages, I realised there was no point worrying about any future projects until these two things are done.

I don't enjoy synopsis writing. It's kinda painful, and hard to condense a 70-80k-word novel into a few pages. But I managed to do it, even if I'm not too happy with it yet.

That doesn't matter, though. I'm just happy (and relieved) to finally have something on screen. A synopsis I can read, re-read, revise and polish until I'm happy. And of course, once this is finalised I can actually start querying this little book of mine.

As far as the short story goes, it's one I wrote late last month. A story that came out of nowhere but was sparked by a lovely pic and some sleep. Just like the first draft, I ended up revising (both second & third drafts) on my phone while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. BTW, how crazy and frustrating is this show? 😲

Anyway, after some very cool changes and additions the word count is 4,941. I even ended the week by adding the doc to my Paperwhite for one final read.

This is when I realised this: Sometimes writing is about more than word count. Actually, a lot of writing involves no actual new words. Or sitting down and having fun while creating a new world. 

And I'm okay with that, because getting these two smaller projects done means I can start subbing both.

Asides from that, I also watched two very disappointing movies: Goosebumps and Winchester. Goosebumps was silly and terrible, badly acted and not remotely fun. Winchester was a try-hard psychological horror movie that fails in every way. Ugh.

At least Siren and The 100 are still super AWESOME.

So, this month might not be turning out how I originally imagined but I'm really happy about taking care of some of the things I've had on my to-do list for ages.

Have a nice weekend!

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