Saturday 26 May 2018

A Productive Week of a Different Kind


This week was all about taking the last step towards totally completing a novel adventure I began during NaNoWriMo 2016

When I had a blast writing a YA horror story featuring some of my most favourite horror tropes. A story I loved telling and then put aside for a while, before rewriting and revising the hell out of it. 

It was a long ride. But making this novel the best story I could, to match what I originally envisioned, was a great experience.

Now it's done* and ready for the next step...

Plus, I'm finally determined to tackle other ideas.

I kept wondering why I wasn't ready to get stuck into a new novel or novella. Or why my head felt so cluttered and restless... until I realised that THIS story HAD to be finished before my writing brain was ready to (fully) concentrate on anything else.

Yep. Sometimes you ignore the obvious without even realising why.


Feels so good to have reached this point. A point I still have to reach with three other completed first drafts. But that's for another day. First I'm going to let myself get totally lost in a new story. 😀

So. What else did I do this week? I finally broke my reading slump by enjoying a few short stories and starting one of my most highly-anticipated 2018 books: The Outsider by Stephen King. So far, I'm totally intrigued!

I also enjoyed the latest SirenThe 100 eps. Both were awesome, of course. Plus I watched The Breakfast Club with my daughter because she took a sick day on Thursday. 

Aside from that, I tried not to watch much else. I wanted to give binge watching a bit of a rest. 

Oh wait, we did go to watch the very disappointing SOLO movie. OMG. This movie really is the Star Wars movie nobody asked for. It was worse than I expected: boring, tried too hard & the twist was so ridiculous it made the experience even worse. What a waste of time.

This didn't even feel like a Star Wars movie. It felt like some generic shitty SF movie trying very hard to imitate SW. 😒

The worst thing is that I could tell from the first time I watched the trailer. TBH, the only reason I went was because hubby wanted to see it. At least we had a great time shopping for cute stuff.

Anyway. That's it for now.

I know it doesn't sound like I got much done, but all the work I did isn't as easily quantified as word/page count progress. Still, it's just as rewarding.

Next week, I'm going to daydream and brainstorm and read.

Have a good one!


* Of course, having said all this, every writer knows that stories can be rewritten, revised & edited forever... but you just gotta consider it done until the next phase of its life. And that's where I'm at.

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