Friday 6 April 2018


American Hoarder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've had this short story on my Paperwhite for a while, and decided to read it today.

During an American Hoarder episode, something goes terribly wrong. And Bill is telling the bizarre story to someone who is very interested...

I really enjoyed this!

The writing style gets the story across so well, and the creepiness keeps the suspense going from start to finish.

I've watched a few hoarder episodes and like all reality TV, there's always a set formula for how the person deals with their clutter and emotional state. And this story certainly dealt with it in a comical, yet horrifying way.

Plus it leads back to Last Days of Jack Sparks, which is an awesome book everyone should read.

Very cool shortie that'll make you think twice about clutter. O.o

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