Friday 2 March 2018

Between Week

Last week I finished the third draft of the book I'm currently revising. So the next step is to read the draft on my Paperwhite after taking a break from it.

Only problem is that I started another Tweak/Add List last weekend. So, first thing on Monday morning I opened the doc and made the changes. Then, I was able to put it away for the rest of the week.

The story's so in my head that I needed a bit of distance.

I spent most of this week sorting my notebooks and random book piles. Plus I read a bunch of awesome non-fiction titles and wrote reviews for them. I'm really enjoying finding out about the many innovative women the patriarchy has buried through the years and unfairly left off the history books. 

It's about fucking time these strong, intelligent and brilliant women are celebrated for their many achievements!

By midweek, a surpise arrived in my Inbox. The edits for my YA horror short story came in! Have I mentioned that I had a YA story accepted and will be published in an anthology called Locker Shockers? I'm very excited.

Anyway, long story short: I got the edits done and sent them back. Yay.

I also read one of my most anticipated books ever. I finally read PRACTICAL MAGIC. And loved it. Adored the magical and gorgeous writing.

Why did it take me so long to read this book? Well, mainly because I was afraid to start it. I had such high expectations that I was secretly scared, in case I was disappointed. I haven't seen the movie so I wasn't sure what to expect, but Alice Hoffman is such an amazing author that I really wanted to check it out.

Really glad I loved it SO MUCH.

There you have it. My week was full of loads of washing, walking, review writing, stationery sorting, editing, review book checking, reading and updating. I updated quite a few files too. Phew.

Looking forward to the weekend.

Have an awesome one!

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