Tuesday 27 March 2018

BEFORE YOU SLEEP: Three Horrors by Adam Nevill

Before You Sleep: Three Horrors
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

During one of my many Kindle store searches for interesting horror books, I found this collection for free.

So I picked it up and decided to try the first story yesterday...


Well, this turned out to be a super creepy short story I couldn't put down.

When two boys dare to trespass into the house on top of the hill, they witness some truly frightful sights and only one of them makes it out alive...

Wow. This story is SO well written. It packs a freaky punch by setting up a scary scene and ramping it up a bit with every page. Some truly horrid imagery here. Loved it!


Yikes. This was another super awesome, super creepy story I had to read in one sitting.

Yuki moved into a new house with her parents. It seems to be raining all the time, but at least Yuki has her friend Maho. And the many toys hiding in the shadows too...

Another very well-written tale of horrific things waiting in the shadows of night to seduce a child into safety, while doing the complete opposite to her parents. Loved the vivid Japanese atmosphere. I felt like I was inside that wretched house too.


After the previous stories were so awesome, I wasn't sure what to expect... and what I got was a creepy as fuck horror story that throws the reader's perception upside down.

Frank's mother always said you could feel when something was wrong with a house. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't share her ability and winds up moving into a house that creeps into his mind and body before he has the chance to realise what's going on...

Fucking hell, this was good. The entire story is pretty much Frank's narrative as the excitement of moving into his own home and renovating everything to his liking devolves into an unravelling of his own life.

Nostalgia. Paranoia. Disorientation. Falling into patterns that aren't his but seem so familiar. Wow. It's all captured in this story in the most brilliant way possible.

OMG. All three stories in this short story collection were brilliant! I can't believe such well-written stories were free.

I LOVED them so much.

Can't wait to read more from this horror author. His words weave such vivid and creepy imagery.

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