Friday 23 March 2018

A Week Off?

Well, my intention was to take it easy because I was feeling a bit wonky earlier in the week... but of course I ended up doing a bunch of stuff.

After being totally consumed by my own story, I got the chance to actually catch up on some reading. I finally finished reading FULL DARK, NO STARS by Stephen King--an anthology I've been reading for a few months. Yay. I picked up a YA UF that I HATED so much I got rid of it as soon as I finished. But I did enjoy a great picture book.

I'm now reading two very interesting and intriguing books: a horror novella & a contemporary YA.

Asides from the reading, I watched quite a few things:

  • VAN HELSING S1: Thought I'd give this a go... but could only stand two episodes of this garbage TV show before giving up. The premise was flimsy, the worldbuilding weak, it's pretty much a sausagefest, and anything portraying vampires like zombies does NOT deserve to be watched.
  • ROSEMARY'S BABY, Part 1 & 2: This is the mini-series made a few years ago and starring Zoe Saldana. BTW, she was awesome in this! As far as the adaptation went, I really enjoyed it. The location was Paris (instead of NY) and several characters were added, a few things removed, but mostly the creepy, paranoid feel was perfect.
  • HELLRAISER: Judgment: What a total waste of time. Too much gore for shock factor, instead of story. Serial killer mystery was too obvious. Cenobites were a disappointment. And no one does Pinhead like Doug Bradley.
  • THE X-FILES S11 Finale: O.M.G. I've LOVED this season so very much, so I was both excited and sad about this episode. And it didn't disappoint. This ep was full of old school X-Files conspiracy action and was a thrilling race to find William. The End was amazing, emotional, satisfying. Seriously, if this is truly IT, I'm a happy fan.

This also happened:

Yep. One night, I decided to revise my moody short story on my phone, and on Monday I accepted all the Track Changes. It's now ready for one more draft. And, a few nights ago I got a new YA horror (with a twist of mythology) idea. All it took was stumbling on a freaky picture someone posted on Twitter! From that, I created a very cool concept with characters I can't wait to write.

Like I said, I did intend to take it easy but I'm glad I got things done/read/watched.

Okay, that's enough rambling for now. 😁

But before I go, make sure you take part in EARTH HOUR on Saturday night.

Have a great weekend!

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