Friday 5 January 2018

Tracking Words & Pages

During the last few years I've posted a screenshot of my Tracking Sheets for the previous year. 

So of course I have to do the same this year:

Total words written: 322,913. 
Total pages revised 1,793.

As you can see, this not only gives me yearly figures but also breaks everything down to monthly totals. Including how many pages I edited/revised.

BTW, I have to thank Sidney Bristol because she created this very awesome Tracking Sheet and shared it on her blog. I haven't seen one for 2018, but I suppose I can just use a past spreadsheet. Either way, I had to give her the credit she desrves.

To see a detailed breakdown of my 2017 Goals and what I achieved, you can read THIS POST.

But here's a summary I posted on Twitter:

Not bad. I'm actually really happy with last year's total output. I wanted to concentrate on my love for writing, and totally ended up doing just that. :)

After the publishing side of writing fell apart for me, I really needed to get back into telling the stories in my head and in my heart. The ones that spoke the loudest.

And I can genuinely say that I certainly achieved this.

Here's to more productivity!


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