Monday 29 January 2018

RINGER by Lauren Oliver

The sequel to the epic two-story novel, REPLICA. 

In the world outside of the Haven Institute, LYRA and Caelum are finding it hard to be human - and Lyra, infected at Haven with a terrible disease, finds her symptoms are growing worse. When Caelum leaves without warning, Lyra follows him, seeking a pioneering organization in Philadelphia that might have a cure. But what they uncover there is a shocking connection to their past, even as their future seems in danger of collapsing. T

hough GEMMA just wants to go back to her normal life after Haven, she soon learns that her powerful father has other plans for the replicas - unless she and her boyfriend Pete can stop him. But they soon learn that they aren't safe either. The Haven Institute wasn't destroyed after all, and now Gemma is the one behind the walls. 

Bestselling author Lauren Oliver brings the Replica duology to a shocking close in RINGER, but like both Gemma and Lyra, you won't be able to leave the world of Haven behind after you've turned the last page. 

I read REPLICA a few years back and loved Lyra and Gemma's books. A lot. I actually thought their stories were done, and then I found out it was a duology. So I was curious about what else could happen to them.

Just like I did with the first book, I decided to start with LYRA

Lyra used to be known only by a number, but now she has a life outside of the Haven Institute. She also has Caelum, who is so much like her but not at all. 

The couple lives in a trailer park with Lyra's real father. While life isn't perfect, it's hers. She shares herself with Caelum during the nights, but spends much of her days exploring the world on her own. Until Caelum runs off, the Suits find their location, and she has no choice but to run...

I thought this was an interesting story. It was another honest and often sad account about how hard Lyra finds it to fit in. No matter what she does or who she meets, she'll never be considered a true person.

It was interesting to see the vastness of the world through the eyes of a girl who'd only known the inside of an institution for most of her life. As well as how hard she finds trying to love the father she barely knows until it's too late. 

I did enjoy this half of the book, but when I was done wondered if it was necessary. 

After taking several days away, I read GEMMA

Since Gemma found out the truth about who she really is and met Lyra & Caelum after the Haven Insitute burned to the ground, she can't let it go. She can't even enjoy spending time with her adorable boyfriend or her best friend, and when she finds out that Lyra & Caelum are in trouble, she heads out with Pete and gets herself into deep trouble... 

I was really excited about reading this half of the book because Gemma's first story revealed some really cool secrets. But I just couldn't get into this one. I found everything that happened to her to be boring, meh and kinda pointless. 

It was certainly nowhere near as exciting as her tale in REPLICA. It's such a shame because I ended up skimming most of the book after I reached page 70. Like I said, for many reasons, this didn't work for me. :( 

Ringer is the last book in the Replica duology and--although I enjoyed Lyra--to be honest, I don't know if either of these books were necessary. They were missing all the suspense and mystery of the first instalment.

I kinda (secretly) wish I hadn't read past the first book. 

This has been happening a lot to me lately with duologies and trilogies. o_O

Ringer, October 2017, ISBN 9781473615052, Hodder & Stoughton

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