Thursday, 4 January 2018

My New Planner

New year means new planner.

After taking a break last year from Darth Vader Moleskine planners, and using a Peanuts one instead...

This year I've gone back to Vader:

As you can see HERE, I've got a thing for Vader planners. So it was only a matter of time before I went back to the Dark Side. LMAO.

I LOVE this planner style. It's a 12-month Week To One Page with Opposite Blank Page. I love this format because I can keep a record of everything I do daily on the left, and then take more detailed notes on the right. Love it!

 What about you?
Do you use a planner?

Happy planning!  


box5angel said...

I was going to get a bullet journal type planner but went ahead with getting the Happy Planner Mini. I've been pretty loyal to bloom daily planners but wanted something different this time.

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