Tuesday 16 January 2018

More Reading Thoughts

The other day I posted about my Reading 2018 plans. Today I want to chat a bit more about those plans/goals and something that happened on Friday.

I love libraries. I think they're an amazing place that offer a bunch of wonderful services for the community. When I was a kid I borrowed from our local library all the time. I also borrowed a lot of books from my school library (both primary & secondary) and was even a library monitor.

Yes, my love for books started early. I was that kid who borrowed books we weren't studying from my English teachers because I've always read like a maniac.

Anyway, my reason for mentioning libraries is because I've decided to stop borrowing books from our local library. It's a decision that sucks, but also feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Although our library has given me the chance to read a lot of wonderful books--because I just can't buy ALL THE BOOKS--the service is appalling. We've returned books that don't get marked off, the clerks are rude and act like we're putting them out when asking them to do their job in the nicest way possible. They're always unapproachable, grouchy and I have to double check the books I've returned have been removed every single time.

Bottom line: the people working at our local library are awful and don't know how to do their jobs. I'm pretty sure none of them are even librarians!

We've put up with their BS for too long, and the other day two different people were as rude as hell for no reason. So, we returned the excellent book (that was my last) and as soon as I got home, I removed all of my holds.

I'm done with their incompetence.

It's a shame we've been pushed to this, but it's for the best. I'd been thinking about this all week and after chatting to hubby, realised my mind had already been made up.

This brings me back to my 2018 Reading. TBH, their rudeness and pathetic incompetence might actually be a great thing.

Why? Because I've got my own libraries:
  • a wall of bookshelves FULL of books. Books I've been neglecting so much I've fallen behind in most of my fave series. 
  • a digital library chock-full of new books I can't wait to get stuck into. 
  • a teetering pile of review books.

Yep. Why am I even borrowing books when I have SO MANY of my own? Seriously. There are stacked layers on my shelves, I keep buying Kindle books, buy from bookstores, and receive review books all the time. So I won't be missing out on anything. :)

I've also decided the best way to deal with my TBR piles is by choosing 4 or 5 from each SHELF and reading whichever strikes my fancy at the time.

Here's the first lot:

Yesterday I finished EVERLESS, and have already started ENDLESSLY. So, there you go. It's totally working out. 😉

Sometimes a negative can really be turned into a positive.

Happy reading!

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