Friday 15 December 2017

Taking a (kinda) Break!

So. This was pretty much me for a lot of this week. LOL.

Hubby took a week off work so we could take a break. And, so we could go and watch THE LAST JEDI on opening day. Yay. Of course we did other stuff, but we mainly wanted to spend time together, take it easy, stay up late and sleep in. Because we wake up super early, these are all things we don't get a chance to do most weekdays.

It was so relaxing. And totally awesome.

I also read the books (3, to be exact) I borrowed from the library and wrote reviews for them. Also, because my creative brain refuses to shut down (even though I'm kinda mentally exhausted), I keep adding stuff to my Idea Files. I even wrote the beginning of one story, which ended up being 866 words.

So exciting!

Only problem is that the week is going way too fast. This also happens to be my daughter's last week of school for the year. She won't go back until the end of January. When she'll start her LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL. Um, what? How did this happen? OMG.

Anyway, the summer holidays are here and I'm ready to start making writing plans for next year. As well as reading. And dreaming about new ideas, because that feeling of restless brain is totally happening and I can't concentrate on just one thing.


Let's talk about THE LAST JEDI. I was really excited about finally seeing it, and I'm glad to say that it was fantastic. Visually, it's beautiful and vivid. Emotionally, it tore me up inside so many times. It was also funny, action-packed, full of some adorable new characters, introduces a bunch of new stuff, and then ties back to everything we know about the Star Wars world. There are some really cool surprises and unexpected twists.

Also, the Luke Skywalker we meet is well-worth the wait. Leia is AMAZING, of course. And I can't wait for the next one.

Yeah. I really enjoyed it.

We're going to go and watch it again tomorrow.

I enjoyed the hell out of this week, and I'm glad that we've got several public holidays coming up so hubby gets a few shorter weeks before the end of the year.

Hope you have a great weekend. 😊

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