Saturday 9 December 2017


Little MonstersLittle Monsters by Kara Thomas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Addictive. Amazing. Clever. Shocking.

Those are just a few words to describe such an excellent book. I borrowed this from the library, and absolutely loved it! I actually picked it up last night after hubby suggested I try it out to see if I liked it... and ended up reading 100 pages. O.o

Kacey's life was pretty hard growing up with her mother, and the variety of boyfriends. But she's been enjoying a much better life in Broken Falls with the father she barely knows. But that's okay, because she has a great stepmother, a nice stepbrother, and a cute half sister. Not to mention her two friends, Bailey and Jade.

When her friends start acting strange and don't invite her to a party but go anyway, she gets upset. Then Bailey doesn't go home after the party. She vanishes, and as the investigation unfolds, Kacey will learn a lot about herself, her family, and the secrets friends keep from each other...

I seriously loved this book. It kept me glued to the page all day! I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next, how everything turned out, and what really happened to Bailey. I had my suspicions, and while some of them were right, nothing prepared me for the biggest and most messed up reveal of all.

OMFG. Yikes!

Yeah, there was a lot of messed up stuff in this story. A lot of toxic friendship baggage. A lot of bizarre family dynamics. But everything ties together in the best and most twisted way posdible.

I also really enjoyed the way the very thin line between love, hate, passion and obsession is explored in this book.

If you like a good thriller, you gotta check this out.

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