Thursday 30 November 2017


The Princess Diarist
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I've had this on my Paperwhite for several months, but just wasn't ready to read it. Not so soon after Carrie Fisher passed away. I needed a bit of time. With the next Star Wars movie coming out soon, I finally felt ready.

I loved this book.

It's such a lovely, bittersweet and often melancholy book narrated in a very real and honest way. That was something I always liked about Carrie Fisher, she said what she wanted no matter what. Of course now it's obvious that her headspace was one often filled with way too many thoughts, and most were very critical of herself.

Her account of the time she spent filming the original Star Wars is overshadowed by her affair with Harrison Ford. It doesn't matter which way you look at it, this older man totally took advantage of a much younger girl. I got the impression that he assumed too much about her because of how friendly, talkative and open she was. I also realise it was very much consensual because she got swept away by this handsome older man who wanted to spend time with her... but he should've known better. I'm not excusing Carrie for partaking in this affair, and she seemed to suffer quite a bit as a result, but he clearly crossed several lines he shouldn't have.

I found the actual pages (and poems) from the diary she kept at nineteen to be especially sad. She was obviously mixed up, concerned and quick to blame herself. It was also very clear that she fell in love with Harrison and he clearly didn't.

The bit about the signings, for me, was the weakest part if the book but still made me laugh. Love how she teases her fans, but at the same time loves their tenacity.

I also liked the pictures added throughout. My favourite is the one right at the end of the book. That Leia shot is perfect and captures everything that makes Princess Leia the iconic character she became.

I'm really glad I read this book.

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