Thursday 23 November 2017


Beauty and the Beast

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I'm a fan of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's one of those stories that has been told over and over again, so I decided to read this version.

When Beauty's father takes a rose to give to his youngest daughter, a Beast comes out of nowhere and demands the merchant send his daughter to him. Of course the merchant doesn't want to because he loves his child. But unlike her sisters, Beauty is willing to do whatever it takes to help her father and goes to the hideous Beast willingly. And because her heart is in the right place, she sees beyond the outer shell and into the very heart of the Beast...

So romantic, right?

I was surprised at how short this story was and expected it to be rushed, but it really wasn't. Although it is short and gets to each point very quickly, it still felt right.

This is just one of those stories that while being told/read seems like it's missing too many details but, when you think about it afterwards, everything totally fits and becomes SO MUCH more in your mind.

Even as I write this and recall how quickly Beauty falls for the Beast and vice versa, it feels real. Love at first sight might be a trope people dislike these days*, but it doesn't mean it can't be a beautiful way to tell a story. And I think it totally works here.

The differences between this one and the Disney version are many--the bookish love, the sisters, the villain, the circumstances, the household servants, the rose--but the essence of the story is there. This will always be a love story about seeing past the way someone looks, and about two strangers finding safety in each other. Not to mention that Beauty is kind-hearted, devoted to her father, and willing to get to know the Beast no matter what he looks like.

Yeah, there's a nice moral to this story.

It might not be the most detailed tale. It might seem rushed in some places. But the heart of what makes Beauty and the Beast a timeless classic we'll continue to retell, and one of my favourites, is still right there.

* Personally, I have no problem with love at first sight and insta-love. 😀

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