Friday 22 September 2017

Current WIP: Week Two

Welcome to my second current WIP update! Yay. :)

This week was another busy one. There seems to be so much going on around here lately that I just can't seem to find any time to relax. Not to mention that although I love spring, I always feel wonky around this time of year. The winter to summer transition is never kind on my body. *cries*

Anyway, my daughter finished up her Year 11 exams on Tuesday. So even though she went to school today for her last day of Term 3, she had a few days off along the way. And now, she's having a two-week break before officially starting Year 12. Yikes! O.o

In spite of all that, I pushed on with my first draft writing and managed to reach 40k! When I set goals, I'm very strict with myself. And when the story's so keen to get out, who am I to stop progress? LOL.

Anyway, this is how this week's w/c looked:
  • Monday: 24,175 (added 4052w)
  • Tuesday: 29,249 (added 5074w) 
  • Wednesday: 32,398 (added 3149w) 
  • Thursday: 37,016 (added 4618w) 
  • Friday: 40,117 (added 3101w)

As you can see, the word count wasn't steady but constant. And I've actually gone over this week's goal. I was hoping to reach 35k, so I'm definitely happy with where I ended up.

The story is coming along nicely, too. Everything is building at a good pace. The revelations keep coming. The creepy factor is always in the background. And just how deep the emotional impact is turning out makes everything that much better. I don't want to write a demonic possession story with a string of shock factors ruling the narrative. I want to tell the claustrophobic story of one girl's sad and confusing deterioration into darkness, while never forgetting she's a teenager. And that makes everything a little more challenging, and even a lot more fun. Plus I'm enjoying the family dynamics a lot.

I'm at that stage where I'm pretty sure the total word count will probably end up somewhere after the 60k-mark. I pretty much know what's going to happen from here to the end, but it's all a jumbled mess inside my head. I really need to sit down with pen & paper to work through everything.

I'm not a plotter but I definitely take a lot of notes along the way. I also find unexpected surprises slipping into the story during the actual writing and totally love that!

For me, brainstorming the mind clutter into bullet points always helps. :D

Well, that's it for now. I'm really looking forward to taking the weekend off.  

Have a good one!

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