Sunday 30 July 2017


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Last year I read an awesome book called The Accident Season, so when the next book by this author showed up on my local library's database, I put it in hold.

After a bonfire party where friends Olive and Rose drank a bit too much and can't remember most of what happened, they start to lose things. Some are simple things like a hairclip or a bracelet. Other things are a much bigger deal. Soon after the party, Olive can't find her friend, and when she does Rose seems sad and tries to avoid going to school.

Something strange happened that night, and it looks like everyone in town is going to have to pay somehow.

Things take a much stranger turn when random diary pages written by someone called Laurel begin to appear all over the place, at the same time that the girls meet three mysterious teenagers. Hazel, Ivy and Rowan are squatting in an abandoned housing estate and are clearly running from something, or someone.

But that doesn't matter because soon Olive and Rose find themselves drawn to these three. And when they find the spellbook, the five decide to use it to find their own personal losses. But using magic comes with a price and a sacrifice...

This book is so addictive! From the moment I started, I couldn't wait to find out where it was going to lead. The writing style is beautiful, and so captivating. The characters are intriguing and full of secrets and diversity. The story is magical and intriguing.

I have to admit that at first, there seemed to be too many characters and I had to get my bearings straight with each chapter POV change, but it didn't take long to get everything--and everyone--straight so I could immerse myself in the story. And when I did, I didn't want to put it down.

This story is charming and lovely and full of magic and loss. It's atmospheric, with such vivid imagery that I could see and feel everything described. There's also plenty of mystery and loss, as well as a very clever twisty path that becomes clearer the deeper you lose yourself in what's going on.

I obviously loved this excellent book that challenges what's real and what's not while entangling the past and present.

Can't wait to see what else this author comes up with.

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