Friday 5 May 2017

BETRAYALS by Kelley Armstrong


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the previous three books in the Cainsville series, so of course I was looking forward to reading this one.

Olivia Taylor-Jones hasn't been the same since she found out the truth about her parents. Her average, content life took on a new path and revealed connections she didn't know existed. It also comes with a downside. The privileged Chicago family who raised her aren't actually her biological parents. Her parents are high-profile convicted serial killers who are both in prison, and the reason why the Larsens killed is directly related to Liv and their family's hidden origin.

She can see omens, and has visions that reveal valuable information, but are dangerous and take a toll on her body. During her latest vision, she comes across young girls being murdered. Lost girls who need her help and turn out to be a lot more than what they seem. And when Ricky's pulled into a police investigation, Liv finds herself discovering yet another facet in the world of the fae.

But if she's not careful, her life might turn out to be the one in danger. Again...

Yikes! So much happens in this book. It starts with a murder investigation and leads deeper into the ancient world of the fae. As usual, nothing is clear and instead is muddled with seemingly unrelated clues and betrayal at just about every step.

I love the love triangle in this series! Although Liv is happy with her boyfriend, Ricky, her boss and friend, Gabriel, is always there. Even when he seems to be distant and not concerned, his POV reveals a lot. And that's another thing I really enjoyed in this installment. Although it's primarily in Liv's POV, we get a few glimpses into Ricky and Gabriel. I just adore how their present lives are tied to the past lives of the three that came before them.

Betrayals is an intriguing, interesting, and very-well written addition to this dark and fascinating series. I love how all the loose threads are slowly tied, coming together gradually and ending in a shocking revelation that should've become clear sooner. And that's the beauty of this series. It hooks you in, takes you under and shares so much, but keeps withholding information.

I've heard that there's only one more book to go. That makes me sad because spending time in Cainsville is always a joy, but I am excited about finding out how it all ends.

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