Wednesday 8 March 2017

Some Short Story Writing...

Since I wrote a whole post about my short story goals a few weeks back, I thought it might be a cool idea to put together a bit of an update.

As you already know, a lot has happened in my publishing life lately. All not-so-great things that I had zero control over. So I decided to focus on this goal for a bit.

I'm really enjoying the short story writing right now. It's nice to spend brief amounts of time with a variety of characters in different locations, while also stretching my writing muscles.

Anyway, here's my current progress:
  • The January story is done: my fantasy-esque, fairy tale-ish story about three very different girls now has a title. I just need to figure out where to sub this odd story about girls, spells and the sea... (First draft: 7,277w --> final w/c: 9,233)
  • The February story is done:  my horror-ish love story set in the underworld also has a title. I even subbed it to an anthology call. Wish me luck! (First draft: 4,773w --> final w/c: 4,880w)  
  • March: I haven't actually started writing a new story yet because I've been revising, but I did get some brainstorming done. And I'm now pretty sure I want to write this YA horror story next. It's going to be creepy & will deal with a few of my favourite urban legend tropes. I'm also hoping to include a bit of fun in there. I'll see how it goes...

I've also got a few other quirky tales and odd characters scratching inside my head. Not sure which ones want to tell short stories or novels, though. So I'm going to have to sit down and sort through the clutter one of these days. LOL.

There you have it! I'm really happy with my progress. I'm also glad to be writing new stories again.

Sometimes, you just gotta go where the muse leads.

Happy writing!

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