Wednesday 15 February 2017

THE X-FILES ORIGINS: Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia


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I'm a huge fan of The X-Files, so when I found out there were two YA books coming out featuring Mulder and Scully, I was totally interested.

It's 1979 and Fox Mulder is seventeen. He's living with his father in Washington DC during his last year of high school. The two don't get along, but that's fine with Mulder because his father is always busy with his mysterious work. Mulder is really clever and meticulous, though he has a hard time putting his emotions into words. Plus he's totally obsessed with finding out what happened to his sister.

Samantha was abducted over five years ago and has never been found. And young Mulder happened to be there when she was taken, though he can't remember anything. No matter how many times his father tells him to let it go, the guilt won't let him. So when kids start disappearing under similar circumstances to his sister, he's determined to do what the police can't seem to do: crack the case and find the killer. Maybe it will also lead him to some answers about his sister. Or it could lead him to a lot more trouble than he can handle...

I absolutely LOVED this book! Not only did it totally capture Fox Mulder's voice--because I could see so many echoes of the man he becomes throughout the book--but it also reflected the time very well. Not just in the location and the people, but also how things were handled. Not to mention that the creepy snippets of just how much of Mulder's life was manipulated behind the scenes was perfectly done.

And the characters in this book are SO GOOD. I loved Gimble (a total D&D geek) and his father Major (a total conspiracy theory nut). It was clear to see how meeting these two certainly affected the believer that Mulder becomes in the future, as well as his involvement in conspiracy theories and aliens. I also thought Phoebe (a super smart & cool girl) was an excellent addition to the story. She's Mulder's oldest and closest friend, and also happens to be the one person capable of throwing his emotions totally off balance. And the interactions between all of these characters were so cool.

As callous as he turned out to be, I also thought the character X was intriguing. He added a depth to the story that seemed to echo from the future.

Agent of Chaos is an excellent book on so many levels. If you like YA stories with strong friendships, damaged characters and a mystery that'll make your head spin, this is definitely for you. If you enjoy a great story that'll hook you in from the beginning, this is definitely for you. And if you're an X-Files fan, then you're going to get a total kick out of SO MUCH that happens here.

I loved this book. So much.

The only problem is that now, I want to start watching the show again... :)

A huge thanks to Hachette Australia for sending me a copy of this awesome book!

The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos, January 2017, ISBN 9780349002965, Atom

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