Tuesday 7 February 2017

DELIVER ME by Kate Jarvik Birch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yikes! This is such a great book. It's disturbing, made me uncomfortable, but I loved the narrator.

Wynne and Odessa are part of the Union. A totalitarian regime that requires total and utter devotion. No one is allowed free thought or speech, or even has the ability to chose their future. Words like love, family and mother don't exist. Women and men are segregated and never meet. Well, unless you're chosen as a Carrier.

Becoming a Carrier is every girl's dream, what they're taught to aim for since they're little girls. Wynne and Odessa are different from the others because of their deep bond. They're closer than they're allowed to be and share the joint dream of becoming Carriers together.

Yet when Odessa is picked and Wynne isn't, the two friends are separated and things are never the same again...

Man, this book might be short but it sure packs a punch. The worldbuilding is so vivid that the heartless ways of the Union leaps off the page. This disturbing future turns women into either walking wombs, or works them to the bone. It makes workers and soldiers out of men too, but the focus here was on the women.

It was so sad to see what this horrid Union does to people. They're all prisoners, really. Slaves and prisoners taught from a young age that this is all there is. That to totally give yourself to the Union is all that matters. And that is just SO fucking WRONG.

I love books like these because in the middle of this nightmare, there's always a character who dares to want more. And in this story, it's Wynne. She's a hard worker, but her whole life is dominated by her strong friendship with Odessa. And when they're separated, she starts to uncover some terrible truths about what it really means to be a Carrier. And it's truly awful.

But in spite of how uncomfortable this world made me, I loved the story.

Oh, but don't go in expecting a romance. This is Wynne's story. About her ambitions, her friendship with Odessa, and uncovering some terrible things about the Union they're all expected to obey.

Great book!

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