Friday 6 January 2017


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I absolutely loved Daughters Unto Devils, so I was super eager to read this one. And I pretty much devoured every word shortly after I started. This is SO GOOD!

Lucy Acosta lives in a huge Victorian mansion with her emotionally-distant father, her beloved Aunt Penelope, and her cousin Margaret. The girls are homeschooled, and their house is always hosting one party or another for their local rich acquaintances.

The girls never leave the estate and are usually bored out of their minds. But they have each other. Well, they do until Aunt Penelope goes missing and Margaret starts losing her mind.

Lucy has always known there was something wrong with the house, and this time, instead of just giving in to the temptation of the razor, she's going to get to the bottom of the mystery...

What this poor girl finds is hideously awful. And extremely grotesque, in the best way possible.

I loved how the story starts out slow and leads you around the eerie house until you can practically see it in your mind. I loved how the underlining creepiness was there every step of the way. I also loved how it was written. Every word dripped with the atmosphere of the mysterious house, as the secrets eventually revealed themselves.

Lucy's voice perfectly captured how little love she'd really known, and how it kept her from forming any real human attachments. Oh, and that the story is filled with so many teenage girls and women is awesome!

I loved this creepy story, set inside a spooky house with a cast of very disturbed characters, and a bunch of deliciously wicked secrets.

I'm loving this author's horror. Can't wait to read her next one!

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