Saturday 3 December 2016

AERIE by Maria Dahvana Headley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Last year I read and absolutely adored an amazing book called Magonia. So of course I was interested in checking out the sequel!

It's been a year since Aza 'died' and returned to her human life with the borrowed skin of someone else. She might not look like herself on the outside, but she's still the same. And she's madly in love with her best friend, Jason, and getting on with her life. But she can't forget about the sky and longs to go back. She even knows that her evil mother will one day return and try to end what she started... but she's content.

Jason loves Aza so much he's happy for every moment they have together. Yet, he's afraid of losing her, and because of that paranoia has made a deal with the devil and lied so much he sets the wheels in motion for some very awful things.

Everything is bleak and falling apart but for once, Aza is free to find her own way and hopefully stop her mother's devastating plans...

Wow. Yeah. This sequel soars as high as the first book. Not only did I find myself returning to the wonder introduced in Magonia, but the world spreads its wings wider. Introducing an array of colourful, weird and wonderful creatures from earth, sky and sea. The imagery in this world is truly fantastic, and the way it's described made everything bloom so vividly in my mind.

Aza is still full of strength she sometimes doubts. Jason is still determined to protect so tightly that he makes everything worse. And Eli's fun and strong. There were a few surprises thrown in and plenty of catastrophe and sadness. But what stands out the most for me is the wonder.

Both of these stories are beautiful companions. So unique and magical that I'll never forget them. This book is SO good.

Loved it!

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