Thursday 3 November 2016


Diary of a Haunting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wanted to read a creepy book and that's EXACTLY what I got. Yes! I mean, look at that cover. I think it captures the story perfectly.

Anyway. I borrowed this book from the library the other day and started reading it right away. And I was hooked.

After Paige's parents go through a messy divorce, her mother takes her and her younger brother Logan from LA to Idaho. Where they rent a big, old house that comes with several tenants: a mysterious college student in the basement, a swarm of flies, and too many spiders. Not to mention that Logan's room makes her ears buzz, and he's started wandering around in the middle of the night. Every night.

It doesn't take long for Paige to realise that something is seriously wrong with the house. But her mother refuses to look at the negative and focuses too much on the positive. No matter what she says, Paige and Logan start to spiral out of control and it can only lead to tragedy...

I loved this book! It's written as online journal entries in Paige's POV. There are also creepy pictures and letters and other cool additions that turn this story into an experience. Her voice is interesting and pays close attention to detail. Not to mention that the tension starts building and continues to mount all the way through. And that ending. Yikes!


BTW, if you don't like spiders... maybe you shouldn't read this.

I really, really enjoyed this book!

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